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If you have any question about web hosting, domain registration, domain transfers, web design, search engine submission and web site optimization service, just drop us a line. Technical Support: support at simphpsoftware.com or use our help ticket system, we respond normally within 2 hours.
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order php autowebhost
Package: AutoWebHost
Description: AutoWebHost is a very powerful PHP script which allows you to automate your web hosting Site.
Price: €97.00
Rating: rating stars
Platform: platform linux
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about the advanced template seller software
php software advanced templateseller
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Package: Advanced Template Seller
Description: Web Templates Selling System is a very powerful PHP script and allows you to start your own Web Design business in no time.
Price: € 97.00
Rating: rating stars
Platform: platform linux

Product Name: Advanced Template Seller PHP
Current Version: 2.0
Price: € 97.00

All our software is being updated to php 5.3



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The software comes with PSD files for easy editing (Main Banner, Logo & Buttons). Other language packs on request.


PHP 4.3 or above,
GDLib 2.0 or above,
MySQL 3.23 or above,

Web Templates Selling PHP System allows you to start your own Web design business in no time by providing you with an impressive list of features. You can sell individual templates (exclusive or recurring sale).

General Feature List

Multi-language support.
Easily Changeable Theme/Site layout.
New Admin Control Panel Layout.

Immediate download link of templates in client area if purchased online.
Offer individual template sale, Exclusive (sold once) or recurring template sale (can be sold as many times as you like)
Ability to set membership duration, unlimited and time limit.
Payment Processors integration. At present, 20 payment processors are supported.
Separate Template record creation and template preview image upload.
Support unlimited preview images.
Ability to display Flash preview.
Sophisticated shopping cart interface.
Much better product files protection. You can specify product files directory outside of HTML area.

More preview image manipulation functions, image resize and thumbnail generation.
All preview images are generated on the fly.
Purchased template download link is available in client area. Download link will expire according to your settings. Optionally check verify download can only be done from the same IP when the purchase was made.
Retrieve instant notification from payment processors when purchase is made therefore goods/membership can be delivered to buyer instantly.
Notify admin by email when new sale occurs.
Mail Template editor. Edit mail content in whichever way you like.
Unlimited template sub-category creation.
Mark template preview image sold when it is no longer available.
Comprehensive Admin Panel
Password reset for both admin and member
and more...

Detail Feature List

Common User Interface

View templates by category
View templates by keyword
Template browser and detailed individual template page
Online enquiry form
Membership subscription form
News viewer, news preview and detailed news page
Instant template purchase
Add templates to cart function
Cart content viewer and checkout function

All the features stated in Common User Interface
Own account viewer/update page
Password reset
Ability to renew membership
Instant template download
Add downloadable templates to cart, and download them in single zip file
Admin Control Panel

Overall Features
- View/Clear admin own past login history
- Admin summary page
- Password reset
- Display latest Web Templates
- Alert you with pending tasks
- Display pending membership applications
- Show daily/all sales summary
- Update admin password/email
- Online User manual
- Admin log out function
Website Tools
- Display warning message in case certain directories are not writable
- Website Configuration
- Create/Upload new HTML files
- Delete unwanted HTML files
- Edit existing HTML files with Text/Rich-Text Editor
- Text Editor, for basic HTML text editing purpose
- Rich-Text Editor, similar to basic HTML editor, with image upload ability
Communication Tools
- Send emails to members, allow mass-emailing
- Send plain-text/HTML mails
- Mail templates editing
Member Tools
- Member search function
- Quick member summary
- Ability to manually suspend member account
- Forward member account details via email
- Renew member's membership manually
- Add new member manually
- Edit existing member's details
- Delete old member account
- Review membership application (if enabled)
- Add/Edit/Delete membership type
- View member summary
- View/Clear member past login record
- View expired members in list
- View suspended members in list
- Edit Terms of Use (Displayed on membership signup form)
Product Tools
- Product search function
- Unlimited new preview images upload
- Edit preview images for existing products
- Ability to watermark/resize to preview images upon uploading
- Allow flash preview upload
- Add new template product
- Create membership, exclusive or template allowing recurring sale
- Edit existing template product
- Delete unwanted template product
- Add/Edit/Delete template category
- View template download, by member or product
- View template sales
- Reset purchased items download link expiry date/time
- Resend download link to purchaser
- Enable/disable download link to verify IP of download location
- Product file manager, add/download/delete product files
Payment Gateway Tools
- Enable/disable the payment processor you wish to use
- Configure each payment processor individually
- View past transactions, with transaction search function
Banner/Ads Tools
- Banner browser
- Add new banner (Gif, Jpeg, Bmp and Png type)
- Edit existing banner
- Delete unwanted banner
- View banner clicks, showing IP, host, browser details and date/time
- Clear past banner traffics
News Tools
- Post news
- Two type of news editor, Text-based or rich-text based
- Edit existing news
- Delete old news


All our software is being updated to php 5.3



Advanced Template Seller with Affiliate Program.

Easy to install. See what it looks like here: Click Here


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